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Figure Skating Frequently Asked Questions


What is your return policy?

Items can only be returned if they are in like new condition, have not been customized in any way, have and authorized Return Authorization number, and within 30 days of purchase. Custom figure skates and custom figure skating dresses (this includes pattern changes, crystalling, custom sizes, etc) are not eligible for return or exchange. To read our full return policy CLICK HERE to go to our Returns & Exchanges page.


What is your shipping policy?

In stock items are normally shipped within 24 hours. We try to stock everything you see on our website but due to the vast number of styles, colors, and sizes this is just not possible at this time. If an item is not in stock it will be brought in from another warehouse which can take 5-7 business days if it’s in stock. Items not in stock at our main showroom or warehouses, that have to be produced, can take 3-6 weeks depending on the manufacturer. There are some figure skating dress makers that only make dresses to order and do not stock items. If you need your item by a specific date please be sure to include that in your order notes and we will do our best to meet your deadline. To read more about our Shipping Policy CLICK HERE


Why is it important to have your figure skating blade professionally mounted by Discountskatewear.com? 

At DiscountSkateWear time and accuracy is spent on every pair of skates we assemble.  There are several steps to having a blade professionally mounted.  

First is blade size selection.  All boots may vary in sole size even between skates in the same brand.  Selecting the appropriate blade size so that the toe-pick and all the stanchions are in the correct place is imperative to achieve the proper rocker and lift angles. 

Secondly, the boot sole NEEDS to be profiled to match the blade plate.  There are very few people left who actually do this, and it is absolutely essential to mount a blade properly.  Every pair of skates we mount gets profiled so the skate sole matches the blade plate toe and heel curves so the plate sits on the boot flat.  If this is not done, when you screw the blade down, the boot or blade will inevitably twist, and get damaged further when you sharpen the blade through a twist.

Third, once you profile the sole, you then need to treat it to be water resistant.  This process can take 2-3 days to soak in urethane and wax to seal the sole correctly. 

Lastly, the blade is attached and positioned slightly inside center.  The blade is then set in all 4 slider screws and only 1 set screw, all screws are also sealed so water does not leak into the screw holes.  Setting the blade only in the sliders is done so you have the ability to customize the blade position for you, by sliding it inside or outside on a flat sole.  Once the optimal blade position is reached you would only add one more set screw in the front and one in the heel.  The rest of the holes should remain empty so you have fresh holes if a screw gets stripped.

We charge $35 for our professional mounting which is generally 1-4 hours of work depending on the skate. We also guarantee our mounting process, whereas if you take it elsewhere or attempt it yourself we cannot warranty any of the components including the boot and/or the blade.


What does business days mean?

Business days are Monday through Friday. This does not include weekends or National Holidays. Please keep this in mind when choosing a rush option on an item, shipping method, and your need by date. If you need any assistance in choosing the correct rush and shipping option please contact us and we would be happy to assist you.


When I choose to add decoration to a figure skating dress are the crystals applied or just sent with the dress?

When the decoration option on any figure skating dress is selected it means that the chosen amount of crystals will be hand glued to the figure skating dress of your choice. If you have a preference of crystal colors or design please include that in your comments on your order.


Do you have a retail store we can shop in as well or just an online store?

Not only are we an international online store but we also have a retail store located in Phoenix Arizona that is open to the public Monday through Saturday. Need to know how to find out how to get to us? CLICK HERE for driving directions, hours, and contact information.


How do I choose the correct figure skate?

At Discount Skatewear, we offer a wide selection of figure skates from all the best brands, including Riedell, Jackson, EDEA, GAM, Risport, SP Teri, Harlick and Graf. Whether you’re a competitive skater at the national level or a beginner just entering your first Basic Skills class, we have the right skate to meet your needs and your skill level. Simply follow this guide for tips and pointers on choosing the right skate for you.  Before you buy ice skates online, make sure you visit our HOW TO MEASURE section for information and tips on the proper fit of figure skates – it’s sure to help you find the best-fitting, best-feeling skates. Whether you choose EDEA figure skates, Riedell skates or any other brand, you’re sure to find the best prices and service on discount ice skates at Discount Skatewear.


How do I know what size figure skate I need?

Before you buy ice skates online, make sure you visit our  HOW TO MEASURE  section for information and tips on the proper fit of figure skates – it’s sure to help you find the best-fitting, best-feeling skates. You can email or fax the information to us and we will help you in selecting the correct size figure skate. We fit growing children with a 1/2 size of grow room. This typically allows for 6-8 months of use. Depending on the child’s growth it can last a longer or shorter amount of time.


How do I choose the correct figure skating blade?

Great skating requires high-quality equipment, and figure skating blades are no exception. When shopping for your next set of ice skate blades, you need a product that will hold an edge between sharpening, allow for quick take-off during jumps and make sharp cuts and turns a breeze. But today, there are a number of blade manufacturers and models on the market, making it difficult to choose the right ice skate blades for you. From MK to Ultima and Paramount to Eclipse skating blades – as well as carbon steel and stainless steel skating blades – the modern skater has nearly endless choices. That’s why Discount Skatewear strives to make your shopping easier, whether you’re looking for ice skate blades or figure skating dresses, figure skates and more. Use this guide to learn more about which skating blades are right for you – and important tips for buying and maintaining your skating blades. For more information on blade selection CLICK HERE to go to our How to Shop for Figure Skating Blades page.


How do I know what size figure skating blade I need to fit my figure skating boot?

If you are purchasing a figure skating boot and figure skating blade from Discount Skatewear you can select the Blade to Fit Boot option and we will make sure that the sizing is correct for the size figure skating boot you are ordering. If you are just ordering a figure skating blade for a figure skating boot you already own, you will need to measure the sole of the figure skating boot. It is an industry standard to order your figure skating blade a 1/4th of an inch shorter than what the sole of your figure skating boot measures. For example, if the sole measures 10 inches, you would order a 9.75 inch blade. If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, simply call us and let us assist you in choosing the correct size of figure skating blades.


I’m a [Beginner Skater, Recreational Skater, Etc], what skate is best for me?

For recreational figure skating you can choose just about any figure skate we offer. If you a beginner figure skater taking lessons we recommend going with a leather figure skate. We offer beginner figure skate packages like the Jackson Mystique Skating Package, which is out most popular figure skate package. If you have other questions or concerns please contact us via phone or email and we will help you in selecting the appropriate figure skate for your level of ice skating.


How often should I get my figure skating blades sharpened?

Figure skates should be sharpened by a professional figure skate sharpener every 4-6 weeks depending on how often you are skating.


How can I maintain my figure skating blades and boots?

Keeping your figure skating boots and figure skating blades dry is the key to their longevity. Figure skating blades should never be stored in plastic blade guards!! Always wipe off any moisture from figure skating boots and blades. You can use teri-cloth blade covers, Zookers, or Blade Blankies to store figure skating blades. It’s typically a good idea to occasionally take your figure skates out of your skating bag to let them “air out”. Also, never leave figures skates in your car during warm weather seasons. Most figure skates are heat moldable and leaving them in the car can misshape and ruin your figure skates.


What is the difference between a Competition Dress, Artistic Dress, Practice Dress, and Test Dress?

Interested in purchasing ice skate apparel but not sure what you need? With so many types of figure skating dresses, skirts, tights and other ice skate apparel available, make sure you’re buying the right items before you order. Use our glossary of figure skating apparel terms to learn about the different ice skating clothing and accessories available, and shop with ease at DiscountSkatewear.com, your source for hot deals on ice skating apparel. CLICK HERE to see the full glossary of figure skating apparel.


What is the difference between a Jackson figure skate and a Riedell figure skate?

We often get asked what is the difference between all the different manufacturers of figure skate and which ones are the best.  This is a difficult question to generically answer.  All professional brands of skates are made with quality and they have different fit and features and similarities.  The better question to ask is which skate is best for me? Whether it is Jackson, Riedell, Gam, Harlick, Graf or Edea, etc. At Discount Skatewear, we offer a full selection of figure skates from all the best brands  It doesn't matter if you’re a competitive skater at the national level or a beginner just entering your first Basic Skills class, we have the right skate to meet your needs and your skill level. Simply follow this guide for tips and pointers on choosing the right skate for you.  Before you buy ice skates online, make sure you visit our HOW TO MEASURE section for information and tips on the proper fit of figure skates – it’s sure to help you find the best-fitting, best-feeling skates. Whether you choose Jackson figure skates, Riedell skates or any other brand, you’re sure to find the best prices and service on discount ice skates at Discount Skatewear.

I think my new figure skates out of the box do not fit what should I do?

Many customers find that their new figure skates out of the box do not fit as they expected. Before you return your figure skates try the following steps to ensure a proper fit. Make sure you are wearing nylon tights and not socks. Leather figure skates are not designed to be worn with socks. Most socks are generally much thicker than nylon tights and take up too much room in the skates. (Getting skates too big and wearing two pairs of socks to make them fit is a fallacy and should not be done) Pull the insole of the figure skate out and stand on it with your heel at the back edge of the insole. You should be able to see approximately 1/8th to 1/4th of an inch of the insole in front of your toes. If your heel is to the back and your toes are hanging over the insole the skate is likely too short. If there is 1/2 inch or more in front of your toes the skate is likely too big. If the length seems to be fine, it may be the width of the skate that is too narrow or wide. Your foot should roll over the entire sides of the insole. If you can see the width of the insole when standing on it, the skates may be too wide. More commonly your toes will hang off the insoles sides slightly. It is normal for 1/2 of your pinky toe and big toe to be hanging off the insole. Again, this is completely normal The sides of the skate roll out as well and the skates will stretch. If more than half of either the big toe or little toe is hanging off the insole, the skates may just need to be stretched or punched out (keep in mind some feet expand or spread when standing, you may need to take your hand and gently compress the foot for accuracy. Most Pro Shops have the equipment to punch or stretch, or you can send your skates back to us and we will happily do it for you.