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I think my new figure skates out of the box do not fit what should I do?

Many customers find that their new figure skates out of the box do not fit as they expected. Before you return your figure skates try the following steps to ensure a proper fit. Make sure you are wearing nylon tights and not socks. Leather figure skates are not designed to be worn with socks. Most socks are generally much thicker than nylon tights and take up too much room in the skates. (Getting skates too big and wearing two pairs of socks to make them fit is a fallacy and should not be done) Pull the insole of the figure skate out and stand on it with your heel at the back edge of the insole. You should be able to see approximately 1/8th to 1/4th of an inch of the insole in front of your toes. If your heel is to the back and your toes are hanging over the insole the skate is likely too short. If there is 1/2 inch or more in front of your toes the skate is likely too big. If the length seems to be fine, it may be the width of the skate that is too narrow or wide. Your foot should roll over the entire sides of the insole. If you can see the width of the insole when standing on it, the skates may be too wide. More commonly your toes will hang off the insoles sides slightly. It is normal for 1/2 of your pinkie toe and big toe to be hanging off the insole. Again this is completely normal as the skates will stretch. If more than half of either toe is hanging off the insole the skates may just need to be stretched or punched out. Most Pro Shops have the equipment to do this, or you can send your skates back to us and we will happily do it for you.