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Roller Boot Maintenance

Taking care of your skates will increase the life of your skates. The best way to ensure a long lasting skate is buying a skate that is the correct fit. Misfit boots are the number one cause of premature book breakdown. The second cause is not taking care of your skates. 

Leather skates need to be kept dry. After skating, allow the skates to air dry before storing them. Over time, sweat will deteriorate leather regardless of what you do, so allowing leather skates to dry and conditioning them help the boots longevity. Every 6 months use a leather conditioner to keep the leather from drying out and cracking.

Rotate wheels that are beginning to wear and replace wheels that are at the end of their life. Before each skate, inspect your skates and replace or repair anything needed to avoid injury or skate malfunction. Use common sense when it comes to skate care and maintenance. 

Skates are a big investment and should be cared for to get the best return on your investment.