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Boots 101


Over $150.00 – Typically leather, but not always

Under $150.00 – Almost always a vinyl or synthetic boot.


High Top – Traditional, Rhythm, and Artistic Skating

Low Top – Derby/Track, Speed, and Jam Skating

Suede – Outdoor or traditional skating

A boot consists of out soles, midsoles, insoles, uppers (main boot body), boot linings, tongues, tongue linings and padding. The main function of the boot is to provide support and comfort the foot and to protect it.

Boots are made of either leather or vinyl materials. Leather is the best material for boots. Leather offers a durable and comfortable material that will stretch and form to the foot with use. The process of the leather softening and forming to the foot is called “breaking in”.  Vinyl or synthetic materials are soft to begin with, but will break down quickly with excessive use.  Most vinyl boots are not made for the competitive use, but rather recreational skating. Vinyl is not as durable or comfortable as leather, but is less expensive. Leather is one of the main costs in high end boots.