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Sure Grip Skates

Foot Length in Inches Skate Size
7.50" 13.0
8.00" 1.0
8.25" 2.0
8.50" 3.0
9.00" 4.0
9.25" 5.0
9.50" 6.0
10.00" 7.0
10.25" 8.0
10.50" 9.0
11.00" 10.0
11.25" 11.0
11.50" 12.0
12.00" 13.0
12.25" 14.0
12.50" 15.0

How to Measure For Sure Grip Skates



  1.  For just the length measurement, stand up straight with your heels against a flat wall.
  2. Have someone help you and place a dot or line on the floor right infront of your longest toe.
  3. Measure from the wall to this dot - Do this for BOTH FEET
 NOTE!  Please give us the exact measurements when calling for assistance
(If you build in growing room and then we add growing room, your skates will be too big)


To measure the length of your foot, place a tape measure on a flat surface up against a wall. Stand on the tape measure with your heal against the wall. If you use a ruler, take into consideration that most rulers have a gap where there are no measurements. Look down and take the measurement from your longest toe. To measure the ball circumference of your foot, measure around the widest part of the ball of your foot with a cloth or tailors measuring tape.